February 27, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Any one who knows me, knows I do not like cold weather.  I guess growing up in Southern California has made a bit wimpy when it comes to low temperatures!  So once Christmas is over, I'm ready for Spring!!! And it's coming!!!!   I love seeing the signs of Spring.

The first sign was my little Christmas Cactus in my kitchen window! Isn't she pretty!!!

The second sign of Spring...my Saucer Magnolia tree in my front yard started blooming! 

And then the third sign... Down Home's Spring Open House!  We're getting ready!!! We've been cleaning and tagging, and putting aside some fun garden and spring related treasures!

 Just cleaned all these latest finds from the weekend!  I love this old galvanized metal washing machine!

 Can't wait to get these piles of treasures off my driveway and into the store!!!

Lots of metal and iron pieces!

Love these chicken feeders and canvas carts with wheels!

A few Easter Chocolate molds and Candy containers we just found!

We hope you all have a wonderful Spring and we look forward to seeing you at our 
Spring Open House on March 9, 2013!  

xo, Peggy

February 4, 2013

On the Road!

I have a goal to take more pictures of antiques and antique shows, while I'm on the road. The problem is I have a one track mind when I'm shopping!  I shop!  I often call my shopping technique "the scan and grab." When I get in my shopping frenzy at flea markets and antique shows, I'm terrible at taking pictures!  I just don't take the time to aim and shoot while shopping.  I try, but I find I take more pictures of the scenery on the highway and in nature, then I do of antiques and shows! I love old buildings and old barns and gardens!  Here are some photos of things I like to take pictures of when I'm  supposed to be taking pictures of antiques.  I love living in California, but it's so fun to see our beautiful country! These were taken on our way home from New York!  I can't wait until our next buying trip!  We leave in March!!!

It's a little hard to see, but this fence is so cute with hoes and shovels used as fence posts!

Nothing more beautiful than a field full of sunflowers!  A very happy moment!!!

Tomatoes out of our friends' garden in Ohio!  Good job Rick and Karen!

Saw this beautiful field of flowers from the truck!

How beautiful is this - look at the clouds reflecting in the lake!

Nothing more charming than stone buildings!!!!

Love this old barn and lots of old windows in New York!

Who doesn't love a silo?

A little garden with MORE sunflowers and the cutest twig fence!

Nothing like a road trip!

xo, Peggy