March 19, 2013

My Bunny, Sunday!

Since its close to Easter, it's bunny time!  Of course, my favorite bunny, is my bunny, Sunday.  She was a mother's day gift last year from my kids and she is a big beautiful French Lop.  Sunday hasn't always been the friendliest bunny.  In fact, she has growled at me on several occasions!   I wish I had videotaped her so everyone would believe me - yes, bunnies can growl!!!  I know...alarming!

Well, I vowed to myself I would become the bunny whisperer, and I have come very close.  Sunday loves me now!  She is an inside Bunny and has taken over my hall bathroom as her domain.  She doesn't go too far down the hallway since a couple of  rooms away is a room that my cat, Liberty tends to gravitate to. Generally when they see each other, they both run in opposite directions!  My goal is to have them love each other too, but that has not happened yet! Sunday is totally potty trained to a litter box, and has had no accidents since the first night I had her!  These days, she follows me down the hall and likes to run in and around my feet which trips me on occasion, but at least I know she wants to be near me! She even lets me hold her like a baby. Love my Sunny-Bunny!!!

                                                           How cute is her little head!

Since it is Easter, we have all sorts of fun bunnies in the store too!  Of course, none are as precious as Sunday, but we guarantee them not to growl!!!

Some bunny loves you!
xo, Peggy