September 5, 2012

Adirondack Antique Show

I've heard about Madison~Bouckville Antique Week forever. In fact, my mother in law went there when we first opened Down Home and sent some boxes of fun smalls to us!  I've wanted to go ever since so we finally made it happen! We flew into Syracuse, picked up our rental truck and drove to Madison~Bouckville to check out the lay of the land!  I was excited to start shopping! We evidently got there before most of the dealers - lots of tents set up but not much to shop from yet. So we checked out the local antique stores and found a few treasures! 

One of the shop owners told us about a show in the Adirondacks at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake!  Sounded good to us so we were off to the Adirondacks bright and early the next morning!  Oh my gosh!!! What a beautiful drive!!!  Lakes, streams, green!!!!!   

 We get to the Museum and we are not disappointed!  We shop from the 50 or so vendors set up around the grounds of the museum!  It was fun to see so many adirondack antiques in one place!

My favorite purchase was a wonderful 19th century adirondack twig rocking chair with remnants of old mustard paint!  I was trying not to hyperventilate over it!  We found a few more treasures - a child's chair, some snow shoes, and a few more smalls! 

Then we wait a few minutes for the museum buildings to open!  So we walk around the grounds and see all these beautiful buildings and surroundings!

The museum is beautiful and I always love learning something new!  We go through all the buildings and see early adirondack style furniture and boats! 

And the fun is not over!  When we leave the show, there are tailgate vendors set up on the street outside the Museum!  We found all sorts of treasures out there!!! 

                                  We load up and head back to Madison~Bouckville!

Don and I in the big adirondack chair in front of the museum!

xo, Peggy