January 29, 2013

Winter Antiques

We had so much fun last weekend up in the mountains!  Love spending time with our family! We did some sledding and took a walk to the lake.  It was the coldest weekend we've ever spent up there. One night,  it was 3 degrees!!!  Born and raised in Southern California, that is just not a comfortable temperature!  We bundled up and enjoyed the beautiful snow, but it was nice to come back inside and stay warm!  We  played games, did puzzles, colored, watched football, and ate!!!

At Down Home, we have lots of fun things to decorate your cabin or lake house with!  And, while we love going up the mountains, you can create a "lodge" look no matter where you live!

Have a cozy winter!

January 15, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I know Christmas is over, but Merry Christmas anyway!!!  And happy 2013!!! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but we've been very busy here at Down Home, and it just didn't seem to happen. I hope you all had wonderful holiday moments, with lots of time spent with family and friends.  I know I sound like a Hallmark Christmas movie, but I love the spirit of Christmas! I love the true meaning of Christmas and that's what gives me true joy in my heart. But, I love all the festivities of Christmas too!  I love Christmas cookies, Christmas cheer, Christmas music, and Christmas decorations!  I absolutely love decorating for Christmas!  I tear down all my Thanksgiving and Fall stuff at home as soon as the last person leaves on Thanksgiving night. Then,  I spend the whole weekend decorating!  I put on my Christmas music and by Sunday, it's Christmas at the Arbenz Home!


A 19th century sled with it's original red paint and straw stuffed upholstery!

My red transfer ware collection and the Santa photos of my grand kids. 
All except two pictures have at least one child crying!

I had fun finding different sizes of these tindeco Santa tins!
I collect little stray sheep!

One of my favorite Christmas collections is my "Creepy Santa" collection, as my children call it.
Ok, it's creepy, but I love them!

I  love collecting vintage ornaments,
 especially small feather tree ornaments and early glass bead garlands.

Of course, my vintage grape ornaments are on a little tree on our wine rack!

I've collected elephants since I was a kid!

A wooden bowl full of antique Christmas books and sleigh bells!

I love collecting editions of my favorite Christmas story, "The Night Before Christmas."
These gold angels were my Mom's, and they remind me of my three daughters. 

A set of paper mache Canadian Geese decoys!

Love this early rocking horse!

I think American Country antiques look their best at Christmas time!
I collect early hog scraper candlesticks!

Some of my early lanterns!

This cupboard has old wooden buckets, as well as bird nests from my back yard!
A perfect place for a little tree full of vintage bird ornaments!

This tree in my dining room is full of vintage ornaments, some from my childhood.

Aren't these hand carved "coots" fun!

I love candles and Christmas lights, and usually those are the only lights on in my home at Christmas time - nothing cozier than the warm glow of Christmas!!!
My cat, Liberty!

We had a wonderful time with our family and friends and 
I'm always a bit sad to see it all end for another year.  

We wish you all a wonderful 2013 and guess what?... it's only 344 days till Christmas!  I can't wait!!!!  Blessings to you and yours.

xo, Peggy